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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Class: VI Methods (ActiveX)

Prints the VI information to a printer. If you use this method in a stand-alone application or DLL, LabVIEW prints only the front panel.


object.PrintVIToPrinter([format], [scalePanel], [scaleDiagram], [pageHeaders], [pageBreaks], [sectionHeaders])


formatPrintFormatEnumSpecifies which VI information to print and the format of the printout. You can select from eCustom, eStandard, eUsingPanel, eUsingSubVI, or eComplete.
scalePanelBooleanSpecifies whether the front panel will be scaled to fit the page. The default is TRUE.
scaleDiagramBooleanSpecifies whether the block diagram will be scaled to fit the page. The default is TRUE.
pageHeadersBooleanSpecifies whether page headers (which include the page number, VI name, and last modification data) will be printed. The default is TRUE.
pageBreaksBooleanSpecifies whether page breaks will be inserted between the following sections: connector icon and description, front panel, list of front panel control details, block diagram, block diagram details, VI hierarchy, and list of subVIs. The default is FALSE.
sectionHeadersBooleanSpecifies whether to print headers for each section listed above. If format is eCustom, eStandard, or eComplete, the default is TRUE. Otherwise, the default is FALSE.

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