SetLockState Method

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Class: VI Methods (ActiveX)

Sets the lock state of a VI. If Interactive is FALSE (default), you can use Password to unlock a password-protected VI or set the password of an unprotected VI. If Interactive is TRUE, LabVIEW ignores Password and displays a dialog box that prompts you to change the lock state.


object.SetLockState(lockState, [Interactive], [Password], [putInCache])


lockStateVILockStateEnumLock state.
InteractiveBooleanSpecifies whether to display a dialog box that prompts you to change the lock state. The default is FALSE.
PasswordStringIf lockState is Password-protected, Password is the new password. If you are changing lockState from Password-protected, Password is the old password. The default is an empty string.
putInCacheBooleanIf lockState is Password-protected, putinCache specifies whether to place the new password in the cache. The default is FALSE.

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