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Owning Palette: Comparison Functions

Requires: Base Development System

Returns the class number for char. If char is a string, this function uses the first character in the string. If char is a number, this function interprets it as the ASCII value of a character.


char can be a scalar string or number, clusters of strings or numbers, arrays of strings or numbers, and so on.
class number is a number that corresponds to the lexical class. Refer to the ASCII Codes table for the numbers that correspond to each character.

Class NumberLexical Class
0Extended characters (codes 128 through 255)
1Non-displayable ASCII characters (codes 0 to 31 excluding 9 through 13)
2White space characters: Space, Tab, Carriage Return, Form Feed, Newline, and Vertical Tab (codes 32, 9, 13, 12, 10, and 11, respectively)
3Digits 0 through 9
4Uppercase characters A through Z
5Lowercase characters a through z
6All printable ASCII non-alphanumeric characters


Refer to the Compare Character Types VI in the labview\examples\Comparison directory for an example of using the Lexical Class function.


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