Request Deallocation Function

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Owning Palette: Memory Control Functions

Requires: Base Development System

Deallocates unused memory after the VI that contains this function runs.

Use this function only for advanced performance optimizations. Deallocating unused memory can improve performance in some cases. However, aggressively deallocating memory can cause LabVIEW to reallocate space repeatedly rather than reusing an allocation. Use this function if your VI allocates a large amount of data but never reuses that allocation.


If flag is TRUE, this function deallocates memory after the VI that contains this function runs.

Request Deallocation Details

When a top-level VI calls a subVI, LabVIEW allocates a data space of memory in which that subVI runs. When the subVI finishes running, LabVIEW usually does not deallocate the data space until the top-level VI finishes running or until the entire application stops, which can result in out-of-memory conditions and degradation of performance. Use this function to deallocate the data space immediately after the VI completes execution.

Place the Request Deallocation function in the subVI you want to deallocate memory for. When you set the flag Boolean input to TRUE, LabVIEW reduces memory usage by deallocating the data space for the subVI.


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