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Edition Date: March 2018
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Owning Palette: String Functions

Requires: Base Development System

Use this constant to supply a constant text string to the block diagram.

Set the value of a string constant by using the Operating tool or the Labeling tool to click it and enter the string you want. You also can set the value of a string constant by right-clicking the constant and selecting Edit to display the Edit dialog box for string constants.

Press the <Shift-Enter> keys on the keyboard to disable autosizing if it is enabled. If autosizing is disabled, press the <Shift-Enter> keys on the keyboard to display a scroll bar in the constant. If autosizing is disabled and the vertical scroll bar is not visible, the constant resizes vertically as you enter text in the constant. Resizing a string constant smaller than its contents displays the vertical scroll bar. If the vertical scroll bar is visible and you resize the constant larger than its contents, LabVIEW hides the scroll bar.

You can change the display mode so you can see non-displayable characters or the hex ASCII equivalent to the characters. You also can set the constant in password display mode so asterisks are displayed when you type in characters. Right-click a string constant and select Visible Items»Display Style from the shortcut menu to display a glyph on the constant that indicates the display type.

You cannot change the value of the string constant while the VI runs. You can assign a label to this constant.


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