Bluetooth Discover Function

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Owning Palette: Bluetooth VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System (Windows)

Searches for all locally installed or other Bluetooth devices within the range of the Bluetooth network.


time limit ms is the amount of time the function uses to search for Bluetooth devices. The default value is 10,000 ms. The maximum value is 30,000 ms. If the value is less than or equal to zero, this function returns a list of local installed Bluetooth devices.
error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.
number of devices indicates how many Bluetooth devices the function detects on the network.
device list returns a list of devices the function detects on the network.
Address identifies a device on the Bluetooth network. Use this ID to open a connection to a server.
Device Name indicates the name of the Bluetooth device.
error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.

Bluetooth Discover Details

The process of discovering Bluetooth devices can be a slow operation. If you know the Bluetooth address of the specific device to which you want to connect, you can skip the discovery process and use the Bluetooth Open Connection function to connect to the device directly.


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