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Owning Palette: Data Communication VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System (Real-Time, Windows). This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Shared Variable node, VI, and functions to share data among VIs or between locations on the block diagram that you cannot connect with wires.

Palette ObjectDescription
Close Variable ConnectionCloses a connection to a shared variable.
Local Variable Object ReferenceUse this constant to supply a reference to one of the following items: local PSP Variable Engine, local I/O Variable Engine, local Root PSP Variable Container, or local Root I/O Variable Container.
Open Variable ConnectionOpens a connection to a shared variable.
Read VariableReads from a network-published shared variable, I/O variable, or I/O variable container.
Search Variable ContainerSearches under a variable container and returns an array of references to variable objects that match your search criteria. You can use this function to find variables programmatically.
Shared VariableRepresents a shared variable on the block diagram. To bind a Shared Variable node to a shared variable from the active project, add a Shared Variable node to the block diagram and double-click or right-click the node and select Select Variable»Browse from the shortcut menu to display the Browse for Variable dialog box. You also can drag a shared variable from the Project Explorer window onto the block diagram of a VI in the same project to create a Shared Variable node.
Variable Property NodeGets (reads) and/or sets (writes) properties of a reference. This node operates the same way as a standard Property Node. However, this node is pre-configured for Variable references.
Write VariableWrites to a network-published shared variable, I/O variable, or I/O variable container.

I/O Variable FunctionsUse the I/O Variable functions to access I/O variables programmatically.
PSP Variable VI and FunctionsUse the PSP Variable VI and functions to access PSP variables programmatically.

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