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Owning Palette: TCP VI and Functions

Requires: Base Development System

Converts a string to an IP network address or an array of IP network addresses.

Details  Example

name is the string you want to convert. If empty, net address is the IP network address of the current machine.
net address is the IP network address equivalent to name; it is the unsigned numeric representation of the dot-notation format representation of the IP network address.

String To IP Details

The String To IP function accepts standard decimal, octal, or a combination of both number systems. If you enter a leading zero into a string, the String To IP function interprets the string as an octal number.

If String To IP is in single output mode, the net address is the first result returned by the operating system resolver. If String To IP is in multiple output mode, the result is an array of all IP network addresses returned by the operating system resolver. If the node fails to convert the string, the result is a value of zero in single output mode or an empty array in multiple output mode.

To switch between single output and multiple output modes, right-click the node and select Multiple output from the shortcut menu.


Refer to the UDP Multicast.lvproj in the labview\examples\Data Communication\Protocols\UDP\UDP Multicast directory for an example of using the String To IP function.


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