UDP VI and Functions

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Owning Palette: Protocols VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the UDP VI and functions to exchange data with devices on a remote UDP socket.


The VI and functions on this palette can return networking error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
UDP CloseCloses a UDP socket.
UDP Multicast OpenOpens a UDP multicast socket on the port. You must manually select the polymorphic instance you want to use.
UDP OpenOpens a UDP socket on the port or service name.
UDP ReadReads a datagram from a UDP socket, returning the results in data out.
UDP WriteWrites to a remote UDP socket.

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Refer to the Simple UDP.lvproj in the labview\examples\Data Communication\Protocols\UDP\Simple UDP directory for an example of using the UDP VI and Functions.


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