Interacting with TDM Files (Windows)

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In LabVIEW, you can use the following options to read or write TDM files:

  • Express VIs—The Read From Measurement File and Write To Measurement File Express VIs enable you to read data from or write data to TDM files.
  • Storage/DataPlugin VIs—The Storage/DataPlugin VIs enable you to perform more operations on TDM files than the Express VIs. In addition to reading or writing data, you can also get or set the properties of a TDM file, channel group, or channel. You also can view the data in a TDM file by displaying the data in a table or a graph.

Refer to the following LabVIEW project files for examples of reading and writing data from and to a channel or a channel group, respectively:

  • labview\examples\File IO\DataPlugins\TDM\TDM Event Data\TDM Event Data.lvproj

  • labview\examples\File IO\DataPlugins\TDM\TDM Channel Groups\TDM Channel Groups.lvproj

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