Loops and Other Structures

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Structures are graphical representations of the loops and case statements of text-based programming languages.

The following topics provide information about using structures, located on the Structures palette.

Structure Use Case Structure
Repeating blocks of code
  • A set number or until an error
For Loop
  • Until a condition or until an error
While Loop
  • With time bounds and delays until a stop condition
Timed Loop
  • With time bounds and delays in order until a stop condition
Timed Loop with Frames
Executing all code in order
  • With all subdiagrams visible
Flat Sequence structure
  • With one subdiagram visible
Stacked Sequence structure
  • With time bounds and delays
Timed Sequence structure
Executing code conditionally
  • Based on values
Case structure
  • Based on events
Event structure
Disabling code
  • Based on conditions
Conditional Disable structure
  • Of specific blocks
Diagram Disable structure
  • Based on compilation results
Type Specialization structure
Increasing memory efficiency In Place Element structure

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