Including a Web Service in a Stand-Alone Application or Installer (Real-Time, Windows)

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Parent Topic: Publishing a Web Service

Note  For more information about concepts in this topic, refer to the Web services introduction and tutorial. LabVIEW Web services are available only in the LabVIEW Full Development System and the LabVIEW Professional Development System.

Complete the following steps to include a Web service in a build specification for a LabVIEW stand-alone application or installer:

  1. Right-click the build specification in the Project Explorer window and select Properties to launch the Application Properties or Installer Properties dialog box.
  2. Browse to the Web Services page.
  3. Place a checkmark in the checkbox for the Web service you want to include.
  4. Complete the following final step for only the type of build specification you are configuring:
    • (Application build specifications) While still on the Web Services page, configure which port you want to use to accept requests for the Web service. You must configure each application that will run simultaneously to use a unique port.
    • (Installer build specifications) Browse to the Additional Installers page and select the following items to include in the installer:
      • NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine—Required to run the published Web service.
      • NI Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring—Required to configure security for the published Web service.

When Must I Include a Web Service in a Build Specification?

You must include a Web service in a build specification in the following publishing scenarios:

  • (Application build specification) The Web service is designed to communicate with a LabVIEW stand-alone application.
  • (Installer build specification) You want to publish the Web service to a Windows computer without LabVIEW installed.
Note  If you want to use an installer to distribute a stand-alone application that includes a Web service, include the Web service only in the application build specification, not in the installer build specification.

When Do I Not Need to Include a Web Service in a Build Specification?

If you want a Web service to run on the host computer or a connected RT target and the Web service does not communicate with a stand-alone application, you can publish the Web service directly from the LabVIEW project to start running it.

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