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Parent Topic: Overview: Web-based Communication with a LabVIEW Application

You can publish a Web service to the host computer, an RT target, or another Windows computer. The process you use to publish a Web service differs depending on whether it is a stand-alone Web service, which does not communicate with a LabVIEW stand-alone application or executable. Also, the lifespan of the Web service differs according to the method you use to publish the Web service.

Note  For more information about concepts in this topic, refer to the Web services introduction and tutorial. LabVIEW Web services are available only in the LabVIEW Full Development System and the LabVIEW Professional Development System.

Refer to the following table to choose the appropriate process for publishing a Web service.

Does the Web Service Communicate with a Stand-Alone Application? Method for Distributing Starts Running Stops Running Host Web Server Context
Yes Include Web Service in the build specification of the stand-alone application When the stand-alone executable starts running When the stand-alone executable exits A web server unique to the stand-alone application Main application instance, where the startup VI of the stand-alone application runs
No, and deployment target is host computer or connected RT target Publish directly to target from LabVIEW project Immediately after you publish or after system restarts When you unpublish Web service Application Web Server A unique context for each Web service within Application Web Server process
No, and deployment target is remote Windows computer Include Web service in installer build specification Immediately after installing or after system restarts When you uninstall Web service

Publishing and Unpublishing Stand-Alone Web Services

To publish a stand-alone Web service to either the host computer or a connected RT target, right-click the Web service project item in the Project Explorer window and select Application Web Server»Publish.

To unpublish a stand-alone Web service, right-click the Web service project item and select Application Web Server»Unpublish.

Note  Refer to the table in the previous section for information about how to unpublish a Web service that is part of a LabVIEW stand-alone application or a LabVIEW-built installer.

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