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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System (NI Linux Real-Time, Windows 64-bit)

Use this page of the Package Properties dialog box to configure the display name and synopsis for a package.

This page includes the following components:

  • Display name—Specifies a name for the package. The name displays in the NI Package Manager.
  • Package synopsis—Specifies a summary of the package. The synopsis displays in the NI Package Manager.
  • Description—Specifies a description for the package with more detail than the Package synopsis. The description appears in the details for the package in the NI Package Manager.
  • Maintainer name—Specifies the name of the package maintainer. The maintainer may be a person, organization, or company. By default, user information you entered during LabVIEW installation populates this field.
  • Maintainer email address—Specifies the email address of the package maintainer.
  • Section—Specifies the area into which the package should be classified. NI Package Manager filters packages based on section.
    Note  Infrastructure packages are hidden by default in the NI Package Manager.
  • Homepage—Specifies a URL that provides detailed information about the package.
  • Include custom license agreement—Specifies a license file that you want to display during installation. Users must accept the license agreement before installing the package. The license file must be an RTF file in the project.
    Note  (NI Linux Real-Time) You cannot specify a custom license file for a Linux Real-Time package.

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