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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Select View»LabVIEW Class Hierarchy to display this window.

Use this window to view all the classes that make up the classes in memory and to search the class hierarchy. This window displays all open LabVIEW classes according to the inheritance relationships among the classes.

The LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window displays a top-level icon to represent either the main LabVIEW application instance, under which appear all open classes, or the project, under which appear all objects that belong to that project.

The LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window toolbar includes the following buttons:

Actual Size—Displays the hierarchy at its original size.
Fit to Window—Resizes the hierarchy to fit the current size of the LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window.
Vertical Layout—Arranges the nodes from top to bottom, placing roots at the top of the layout.
Horizontal Layout—Arranges the nodes from left to right, placing roots on the left side of the layout.
Redo Layout—Repositions the hierarchy nodes after you expand, collapse, or move nodes.
Group Libraries—Arranges the nodes into groups according to the libraries the nodes belong to.
Edge Style—Allows you to select either Straight Line or Round Orthogonal edge style for the lines that connect items in LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window.

The following elements appear in the LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window:

There are child classes that are not shown. Click the red arrow to view child classes.
All child classes are shown. Click the black arrow to hide child classes.


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