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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Select File»Create Project or Project»Create Project to display this dialog box. You also can click the Create Project button on the Getting Started window.

Use the Create Project dialog box to create a project from a template or sample project. Templates provide common architectures that you can modify to accomplish specific goals. Sample projects demonstrate how a template can be modified to accomplish specific goals.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Choose a starting point for the project—Use this page to search for the template or sample project you want to use.
    • Filters—Filters the items in the Project List by category and target.

      The following categories of items are available:

      • Templates—Provide common architectures that you must modify to accomplish your goals.
      • Sample Projects—Fully functioning projects that demonstrate how a template can be modified to accomplish specific goals.
      • Target Filters—Depending on the modules and toolkits you have installed, additional filters appear for targets, such as Real-Time or CompactRIO.
    • Additional Search—Searches the names, keywords, and descriptions of items for the terms you enter. The Filters you select limit the extent of the search.
    • Project List—Lists items determined by the Filters and Additional Search. The list displays the name and description of each item. For help determining whether to use a template or sample project, select the More Information link from the description of the item.
  • Configure your new project—Use this page to specify how you want LabVIEW to save the project. This page appears only if the item you select has configuration options.
    Note  Depending on the template or sample project you selected, some of the following options may not be available or additional options may be available.
    • Project Name—Specifies the name of the .lvproj file that LabVIEW saves.
    • Project Root—Specifies the directory into which you want to save the project. The directory you specify must be empty or new.
    • File Name Prefix—Specifies the prefix that distinguishes the copy of the template or sample project you create from additional copies of the template or sample project you may create later. Consider using a file name prefix to prevent cross-linking issues.
    • Modify VI Icons—Specifies the icon overlay you want to appear as part of each VI icon the project contains. LabVIEW does not apply this icon overlay to VIs from libraries because VIs in libraries use the icon overlay of their owning library.
Note  You can build custom templates and sample projects and use them to develop LabVIEW projects. Refer to the KnowledgeBase at for more information about making custom templates and sample projects accessible from the Create Project dialog box.


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