Shared Variable Deployment Page (Application Properties Dialog Box)

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System

Use this page of the Application Properties dialog box to specify dependent libraries containing shared variables to deploy at run-time. This page includes the following components:
  • Deploy shared variable libraries at application execution—Specifies whether to automatically deploy libraries containing shared variables at run-time. When you enable this option, LabVIEW deploys the libraries populated in the Shared variable libraries listbox. By default, LabVIEW selects all libraries referenced by VIs you specify as Startup VIs and Always Included on the Source Files page. You can remove the checkmark from the checkbox next to any libraries you do not want to deploy.
  • Undeploy shared variable libraries at application exit—Specifies whether to remove the shared libraries from the target when the application exits.
  • Hide deployment progress dialog at application execution—Specifies whether to hide the deployment progress dialog box when the application executes.

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