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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Right-click a string constant and select Edit from the shortcut menu to display the Edit dialog box for string constants.

Use this dialog box to set the value of the string constant or to edit the value of a string constant without resizing the string on the block diagram. You also can configure the constant to resize to fit its contents and set how the text is displayed on the block diagram.

  • Text—Sets the value of the string constant.
  • Size to Text—Resizes the string constant to show all text. You also can use the Size to Text method to resize the control programmatically.
  • Display Style—Sets how to display the string constant on the block diagram.
    • Normal—Displays all characters as typed.
    • Backslash (\) Codes—Instructs LabVIEW to interpret characters that immediately follow a backslash (\) as a code for non-displayable characters.
    • Password—Displays an asterisk (*) for each character you enter.
    • Hexadecimal—Displays the hexadecimal value of the character instead of the character itself.


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