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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Select Edit»VI Revision History to display this window. You also can select File»VI Properties, select General from the Category pull-down menu, and click the Revision History button to display this window.

Use this window to view the history and document changes of the current VI. To include an entry in the revision history each time you save the VI, even if you do not enter a comment, select History in the History window and make sure there is a checkmark next to Show Empty Entries.

This window includes the following components:

  • User—Displays the name to include in new history entries. Select Tools»User Name to change the user name.
  • Current Revision—Displays the revision number to include in new history entries. LabVIEW increments the number every time you make a change to the VI and then save the change. The revision number does not increase when you save a VI if you change only the history.
  • Comment—Displays a comment you enter to describe the changes you made to the VI. Click the Add button to add the comment to the history.
  • Reset—Displays the Reset Revision History dialog box, which allows you to erase the history and reset the revision number. You also can use the Clear History method to clear the revision history of a VI programmatically.
  • AddAdds a comment from the Comment field to the history.
  • History—Displays the history of the VI. Enter text in the Comment field and click the Add button to add a comment to the history.

You also can use the History: Always Add Comments At Save property, the History:Prompt for Comments At Save property, or the History:Prompt for Comments At Close property to add a comment to the VI revision history programmatically.


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