Manually Deactivating Third Party Add-ons

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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: Base Development System

The Third Party Add-on Activation Wizard displays the following pages and components when you select to manually deactivate an add-on through the telephone.

Note  This wizard also displays other pages to guide you if a product fails to activate or an error occurs.
  • Select the add-on you want to deactivate—Lists the add-ons you can select to activate or deactivate.
    Note  Not all add-ons allow deactivation. If the Deactivate button is disabled, you cannot deactivate the selected add-on.
  • Select your preferred deactivation method—Displays the deactivation methods you can use to deactivate the add-on.
    • Automatically deactivate through an Internet connection—Specifies that you have a license ID and password to deactivate the add-on through an Internet connection.
    • Use a telephone to acquire a deactivation code—Specifies that you will call the telephone number provided on the next page of this wizard to obtain the information you need to manually deactivate the add-on.
  • Call the following number to get your deactivation code(s)—Displays the phone number which you can call to obtain the deactivation code(s) you need to deactivate the add-on.
    • User Code 1—Displays the first user code you must supply over the telephone to obtain a deactivation code.
    • User Code 2—Displays the second user code you must supply over the telephone to obtain a deactivation code.
    • Deactivation Code 1—Requires that you enter the deactivation code you obtained over the telephone.
    • Deactivation Code 2—(Optional) Requires that you enter the second deactivation code you acquired over the telephone. Not all add-ons require a second deactivation code.
  • The following add-ons were deactivated successfully—Lists the add-ons that deactivated successfully. If an add-on fails to deactivate, this wizard displays an error.
    • Restart LabVIEW—Closes the Third Party Add-on Activation Wizard and restarts LabVIEW so that the deactivation takes effect.

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