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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: Base Development System

Select Tools»Options to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to set LabVIEW options. You can customize the LabVIEW environment and the appearance and behavior of LabVIEW applications.

  • Category—Lists the configuration options to customize the LabVIEW environment and the appearance and behavior of LabVIEW applications. Select an option in the Category listbox to display the configuration options in the dialog box.


  • Front Panel—Sets options for front panel objects.
  • Block Diagram—Sets options for block diagram objects.
  • Controls/Functions Palettes—Sets options for the Controls and Functions palettes.
  • Environment—Sets miscellaneous options for the LabVIEW environment.
  • Search—Specifies the categories that you want LabVIEW to search.
  • Paths—Sets the paths to various LabVIEW resources such as those used for temporary files and the LLB directory, and sets the directory order LabVIEW searches when looking for VIs.
  • Printing—Sets how LabVIEW information is printed.
  • Source Control—Configures source control for a third-party source control provider and sets source control options in LabVIEW. This page is available only with the Professional Development System.
  • Menu Shortcuts—Sets keyboard shortcuts for VI menu items.
  • Revision History—Sets the default behavior of the History window, which you normally access in the Edit»VI Revision History menu.
  • Security—Sets security options.
  • Shared Variable Engine—Synchronizes the time of machines on your network with a central time server

VI Server

  • VI Server—Configures the VI Server, controls machine access and user access to VIs through the VI Server, and identifies which VIs other application instances can access through the VI Server.

Web Server

  • Web Server—Enables and configures the Web Server, identifies which VIs are visible on the Web, and sets Web Server access privileges for browsers.

MathScript (MathScript RT Module)

  • MathScript—Sets the default search path list and the working directory for MathScript Nodes in the main application instance. The Script Highlighting section configures script highlighting options for all MathScript Nodes.

Inline C Node (WSN Module)

  • Inline C Node— Configures Inline C Node options, such as syntax coloring and the default external editor.

Statechart (Statechart Module)


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