Perforce Configuration Options Dialog Box

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Professional System

Select Tools»Source Control»Configure Source Control to display the Source Control page of the Options dialog box. In the Source Control Provider Name pull-down menu, select Perforce Command Line and click the Advanced button to display the Perforce Configuration Options dialog box.

Use this dialog box to configure Perforce command line options.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Checking out also locks file—Locks the files you check out, which prevents other Perforce users from checking in the files. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox if you do not want to lock files. Perforce allows multiple users to check out the same file at the same time, but only one user can lock the file. This user is the only one allowed to check in that file. If the file is not locked, whoever submits the file first is successful. Other users then must resolve their changes in Perforce.
  • Suppress prompting dialog boxes—Place a checkmark in the checkbox to disable dialog boxes that prompt users during specific source control operations. The option disables the Perforce Submit Form dialog box, the Perforce File Information dialog box, the Perforce Revision History dialog box, and a dialog box that prompts you to sync to files in source control during check out, and a dialog box that prompts you if another user checked out files. This option is useful if you do not want dialog boxes to interrupt programmatic operations.


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