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Edition Date: March 2018
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This dialog box appears when you select Perforce Command Line in the Source Control Provider Name ring control on the Source Control page of the Options dialog box. The Perforce Project Options dialog box also appears when you click the Change button on the Source Control page if you selected Perforce Command Line.

Use this dialog box to configure connection settings if you are using the Perforce command line interface.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Use default Perforce settings—Configures LabVIEW to use the Perforce environment variables for connection settings. Remove the checkmark from this checkbox if you want to configure connection settings manually. Refer to the Perforce documentation for more information about environment variables.
  • Server—Contains the name or IP address of the Perforce server you want to use.
  • Port—Contains the port number of the Perforce server you want to use. You must enter a valid port number before you can enter information in the User and Client Workspace text boxes.
  • User—Contains the user name you use to log into Perforce. Click the Browse button to navigate to and select the user name you want to use.
  • Password—Contains the password you use to log into Perforce.
  • Client Workspace—Contains the Perforce client specification you want to associate with LabVIEW source code control. Click the Browse button to navigate to and select a client specification.

If you keep the checkmark in the Use default Perforce settings checkbox, LabVIEW uses Perforce environment variables to set connection settings. P4PORT corresponds to the Port option in the dialog box. P4USER corresponds to the User option. P4PASSWD corresponds to the Password option. P4CLIENT corresponds to the Client Workspace option.

If you use the default Perforce settings, LabVIEW also supports P4CONFIG files if any are present. The directory that Perforce uses for source control operations is the directory of the first file in the list of files to perform a source control operation.

If you remove the checkmark from the Use default Perforce settings checkbox, you must manually configure connection settings that LabVIEW then uses instead of Perforce environmental variables or P4CONFIG files.


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