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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

From the front panel or block diagram window of a VI, select File»VI Properties and select Print Options from the Category pull-down menu to display this page.

Use this dialog box to set print options for VI, template, or object documentation you print. The options you set on this page are similar to the options you set in the Page Setup dialog box.

This page includes the following components:

  • Print header (name, date, page number)—Prints a header at the top of every page that includes the VI name, the last date the VI was modified, and the page number. You also can use the Printing:Page Headers? property to set whether to print headers programmatically.
  • Surround front panel with border—Prints a border around the front panel. You also can use the Printing:Custom Panel Border? property to print a front panel border programmatically.
  • Scale printed front panel to fit page—Scales the front panel to fit on the printed page. You also can use the Printing:Front Panel Scaling? property to scale the front panel programmatically.
  • Scale printed block diagram to fit page—Scales the block diagram to fit on the printed page. You also can use the Printing:Block Diagram Scaling? property to scale the block diagram programmatically.
  • Use custom margins—Sets custom page margins for printing the front panel in inches or centimeters. You also can use the Printing:Margins property to set page margins programmatically. If you place a checkmark in this checkbox, the VI uses the margins you set on this page. If you remove the checkmark from this checkbox, LabVIEW uses the margins that you set on the Printing page of the Options dialog box.
    • Left—Sets the width of the left margin.
    • Right—Sets the width of the right margin.
    • Top—Sets the height of the top margin.
    • Bottom—Sets the height of the bottom margin.
    • Inches—Uses inches for the margin values.
    • Centimeters—Uses centimeters for the margin values.
  • Automatically print front panel every time VI completes execution—Prints the front panel after the VI runs. Selecting this option is the same as selecting Operate»Print at Completion. You also can use the Auto Logging:Print at Finish property to print the front panel programmatically.


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