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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Select Operate»Connect to Remote Panel to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to view a front panel remotely using LabVIEW.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Server address—IP address of the server. You also can enter the computer name.
  • VI name—Name of the VI on the server to which you want to connect. To specify a VI that is part of a LabVIEW project, you must include the project name, the project library, and the target in the path of the VI, when applicable. For example, if resides in a project called MyProject.lvproj under target My Computer, enter the VI name as MyProject.lvproj/My Computer/ If the VI resides in a project library called MyLibrary, also include the project library in the path, as in MyProject.lvproj/My Computer/ If the VI is not in a project or project library, you can enter the VI name without any additional information.
  • Port—HTTP port where the server is located. The default is 80.
  • Request control—Requests control of the front panel immediately after opening a connection to the server. The server queues the request if another client currently controls the front panel.
  • Connection status—Displays progress information and reports connection errors.
    Note  If LabVIEW refuses the connection when trying to connect to a VI, review the errors when connecting to remote front panels.

You also can use the Remote Panel Open Connection to Server method to display the remote front panel of a VI programmatically.


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