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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: MathScript RT Module

Select the Script tab of the LabVIEW MathScript Window to display this page.

Use this page to display, edit, and execute the scripts you create in LabVIEW. You also can paste scripts from the Script Editor into the MathScript Node. Right-click the Script Editor and select Open in Editor from the shortcut menu to display the current script in a separate window that you can resize.

This page includes the following components:

  • Run Script—Executes all commands in the Script Editor.
  • New Script—Opens a blank script in the Script Editor.
  • New Editor—Opens a new Script Editor in a separate window.
  • Open ScriptLoads your existing script into the Script Editor.
  • Save ScriptSaves your script in the Script Editor.
  • Cut—Moves the selected text from the Script Editor to the clipboard.
  • Copy—Adds the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Paste—Moves the contents from the clipboard to the Script Editor.
  • (Windows) Find/Replace—Displays a dialog box you can use to find and replace text in the script.
  • (Windows) Go To Line—Allows you to specify a line in the script to which you want to give focus.
  • (Windows) Toggle Bookmark—Adds or removes a bookmark at the line of script you select. You can navigate to bookmarked lines with the Previous Bookmark or Next Bookmark buttons or Edit menu items.
  • (Windows) Previous Bookmark—Gives focus to the previous line of script with a bookmark.
  • (Windows) Next Bookmark—Gives focus to the next line of script with a bookmark.
  • Script Editor—Displays your current script.
  • Script File Name and Position—Displays the name of the file to which LabVIEW MathScript saves your script and the location of the cursor in the Script Editor. The file you specify must have a lowercase .m extension if you want LabVIEW to run the script.


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