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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System

Use this page of the Packed Library Properties dialog box to add and remove files and folders from the packed project library and to specify files to include in the build.

This page includes the following components:

  • Project Files—Displays a list of items under My Computer in the Project Explorer window. Select files from Project Files and click the arrow buttons next to the Top-level Library and Always Included listboxes to add or remove files from the listboxes.
  • Top-level Library—Specifies the top-level project library of the packed library. You must define one project library as a top-level library. Click the arrow button next to the Top-level Library listbox to add a selected project library from the Project Files listbox. The packed library also includes the dependencies of the project library.
  • Always Included—Specifies the dynamic VIs and support files to always include in the packed library. Click the arrow buttons next to the Always Included listbox to add or remove selected files from the Always Included listbox. When you add a folder to the listbox, you add all items in the folder and cannot remove individual items. You cannot move private data controls to the Always Included listbox.

    Note  Dynamic VIs are VIs that LabVIEW dynamically calls through the VI Server. Support files are non-VI files, such as drivers, text files, help files, and .NET assemblies that the packed library uses. LabVIEW includes non-LabVIEW support files in a folder outside the library when you build the packed library. If you add a packed library to the Always Included listbox, LabVIEW also includes the packed library in the folder outside the library when you build.

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