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Edition Date: March 2018
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In the Project Explorer window, right-click a system with the NI Scan Engine installed and select Utilities»Compare Project & System to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to view and resolve differences between the settings configured in the project and the settings currently deployed to the system.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Project—Displays the items in the current project.
  • Action—Displays actions taken to resolve differences between Project and System items.
  • Target—Displays items currently deployed to the system.
  • Deploy—Deploys the selected item to the system.
  • Upload—Uploads the selected item from the system to the project.
  • Undeploy—Removes all settings associated with the selected item from the system.
  • Conflict message—Displays conflict information about the selected item.
  • Previous Diff—Selects the previous difference.
  • Next Diff—Selects the next difference.
  • Apply—Applies all the project and system Actions you selected.
  • Close—Closes the Compare Project & System dialog box.
When you select multiple operations to apply at the same time, such as deploying an item to the system and uploading an item to the project, LabVIEW performs the operations in the following order: upload, undeploy, and deploy. National Instruments recommends applying one type of operation at a time. If you deploy a project item to the system while the system contains an item not in that project, LabVIEW prompts you to remove the latter item from the system.


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