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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System

Use this page of the Shared Library Properties dialog box to enter the version information for the shared library.

This page includes the following components:

  • Version Number—Specifies the version number to associate with the build.
    • Auto increment—Specifies whether LabVIEW automatically increments the Build each time you build.
      Note  Save the project after you build to ensure that LabVIEW automatically increments correctly the next time you open the project.
    • Major—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a major revision.
    • Minor—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a minor revision.
    • Fix—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a revision to fix problems.
    • Build—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a specific build.
  • Product name—Specifies the name that you want to display to users.
  • Legal copyright(Windows) Specifies the copyright statement to include with the build.
  • Company name(Windows) Specifies the name of the company you want to associate with the build.
  • Internal name(Windows) Specifies a name to associate with the build for internal use.
  • Description(Windows) Specifies information that you want to provide to users about the build.

The information you add on this page appears in the following manner on different operating systems:

  • (Windows) The Version tab when you right-click a shared library and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
  • (macOS) The information window when you select a shared library and then select File»Get Info.

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