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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Right-click the VI icon on the front panel or block diagram and select VI Properties from the shortcut menu to display this dialog box. You also can select File»VI Properties to display this dialog box. Use this dialog box to customize VIs. You cannot access this dialog box while a VI runs.

This dialog box is similar to the Global Properties dialog box and the Control Properties dialog box.

Note  Use the Global Properties dialog box to customize global variables. Double-click a global variable on the block diagram, and select File»Global Properties to display the dialog box.

Use the Control Properties dialog box to customize controls. Right-click a control or indicator on the front panel and select Advanced»Customize. In the VI that opens, select File»Control Properties to display the dialog box.

The dialog box might include the following pull-down menu options:

  • General—Displays the VI icon, VI location, and revision information.
  • Memory Usage—Displays the amount of disk and system memory the VI uses.
  • Documentation—Sets the VI description and creates links from the VI to HTML files or compiled help files.
  • Revision History—Sets the revision history options for the current VI.
  • Editor Options—Sets the size of the alignment grid and the style of the control or indicator LabVIEW creates when you right-click a terminal and select Create»Control or Create»Indicator from the shortcut menu.
  • Protection—Sets options for password-protected VIs.
  • Window Appearance—Customizes window appearance.
  • Window Size—Customizes window size.
  • Window Run-Time Position—Customizes the run-time front panel window position and size.
  • Execution—Sets execution properties.
  • Print Options—Sets print options for VI, template, or object documentation.


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