Windows Security Page (Installer Properties Dialog Box)

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System (Windows)

Use this page of the Installer Properties dialog box to configure the digital signature for setup.exe when the installer runs. Refer to the Windows Help and Support Center, available by selecting Start»Help and Support, for more information about configuring security settings.

This page includes the following components:

  • Apply digital signature—Specifies whether to include a digital signature with the installer.

    If you enter text in the Timestamp URL text box or the Description URL text box, you must select a valid certificate from the Personal store certificates drop-down listbox if you want to save the text box values when you close the dialog box.
    • Personal store certificates—Specifies the certificate to use when signing the installer. LabVIEW populates this list with certificates available from the Personal store of the current user. Certificates must be personal information exchange (PFX) files.
    • Timestamp URL—Specifies the URL for the timestamp authority. LabVIEW queries the timestamp authority to append a verified timestamp to the digital signature.
    • Description URL—Specifies the URL you want to appear in the digital signature.

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