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Edition Date: March 2018
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The NI Security-related tools and VI Server properties and methods can return the following error codes. Refer to the KnowledgeBase for more information about correcting errors in LabVIEW.

Code Description
−1967362045 Operation timed out.
−1967362022 Buffer underflowed. An attempt was made to read from an empty buffer.
−1967362021 File already exists.
−1967362020 The provided refnum is invalid.
−1967362019 A null refnum was provided as input.
−1967362014 Class not found.
−1967362013 No known value.
−1967362012 Invalid locale.
−1967362000 Invalid UTF8 encoding sequence.
−1967361998 Badly formatted GUID string.
−1967361997 The data type of the shared variable does not support the property value you specified. Refer to the LabVIEW Help for information about how to determine the supported shared variable properties.
−1967345663 Generic security error.
−1967345662 Version is not supported by peer.
−1967345661 Account is locked.
−1967345660 Logos session timed out or is locked out by other users.
−1967345659 The specified user does not exist.
−1967345658 The specified group does not exist.
−1967345657 Duplicate name.
−1967345656 Message is corrupted.
−1967345655 The domain server failed to complete a function.
−1967345654 Cannot delete built-in principals.
−1967345653 Invalid password.
−1967345652 Not a local computer.
−1967345651 Not an administrator.
−1967345650 Domain is not defined.
−1967345649 Domain already exists.
−1967345648 Password is too short or too long.
−1967345647 Machine is denied access.
−1967345646 Requested data denied.
−1967345632 Cannot lock account.
−1967345631 Network connection timed out.
−1967345630 File corrupted.
−1967345629 Network is disconnected.
−1967345628 Requested data not found.
−1967345627 Operation cancelled by user.
−1967345626 Attempt to advertise service to NI PSP Service Locator failed.
−1967345616 Message size less than one block.
−1967345615 Failed to generate random number.
−1967345614 Passwords do not match.
−1967345612 Password too short.
−1967345611 Password too long.
−1967345610 Domain already added.
−1967345609 No more principals.
1367 Unable to authenticate because the NI Security library failed to load. Ensure that LabVIEW is installed properly.
1368 Unable to authenticate because LabVIEW failed to load an NI Security library that is required to authenticate access.
1379 The user failed a security authentication check.


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