DSSetHandleSize (LabVIEW Manager Function)

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MgErr DSSetHandleSize(h, size);


Changes the size of the block of memory referenced by the specified handle.

To use this function to resize an array handle, you must calculate how many bytes the resized array requires. Many platforms have memory alignment requirements that make it difficult to determine the correct size for the resulting array. Learn about how LabVIEW stores data in memory to calculate the size and alignment of array elements, especially for arbitrary data types such as clusters.

To resize a handle for a numeric array, use the NumericArrayResize manager function instead of DSSetHandleSize.

Do not use this function on a locked handle.


Name Type Description
h UHandle Handle you want to resize.
size size_t New size, in bytes, of the handle.

Return Value

MgErr, which can contain the following errors. If you receive errors from LabVIEW Manager functions, most error names correspond to LabVIEW error codes.

Value Corresponding Error Code or Description
noErrNo error.
mZoneErrHandle or pointer not in specified zone.


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