NumericArrayResize (LabVIEW Manager Function)

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Edition Date: March 2018
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MgErr NumericArrayResize (int32 typeCode, int32 numDims, Uhandle *dataHP, size_t totalNewSize)


Resizes a data handle that refers to a numeric array. This routine also accounts for alignment issues. It does not set the array dimension field. If *dataHP is NULL, LabVIEW allocates a new array handle in *dataHP.


Name Type Description
typeCode int32 Data type for the array you want to resize.
numDims int32 Number of dimensions in the data structure to which the handle refers.
*dataHP UHandle Pointer to the handle you want to resize.
totalNewSize size_t New number of elements to which the handle refers.

Return Value

MgErr, which can contain the following errors. If you receive errors from LabVIEW Manager functions, most error names correspond to LabVIEW error codes.

Value Corresponding Error Code or Description
noErrNo error.
mZoneErrHandle or pointer not in specified zone.

Possible Values for this Type Code Input

Data TypeType Code (numbers in hexadecimal)
8-bit integer 01 or iB
16-bit integer 02 or iW
32-bit integer 03 or iL
64-bit integer 04 or iQ
8-bit unsigned integer 05 or uB
16-bit unsigned integer 06 or uW
32-bit unsigned integer 07 or uL
64-bit unsigned integer 08 or uQ
Single-precision, floating-point number 09 or fs
Double-precision, floating-point number 0A or fD
Extended-precision, floating-point number 0B or fX
Complex single-precision, floating-point number 0C or cS
Complex double-precision, floating-point number 0D or cD
Complex extended-precision, floating-point number 0E or cX


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