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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Launches the Instrument I/O Assistant, which you can use to communicate with message-based instruments and graphically parse the response. The Instrument I/O Assistant organizes instrument communication into ordered steps. You can use the Instrument I/O Assistant to send a query to an instrument to verify communication with that instrument. For example, you can communicate with an instrument that uses a serial, Ethernet, or GPIB interface.

Note Note  Refer to the Instrument I/O Assistant Help for more information about communicating with an instrument. The Instrument I/O Assistant Help appears in a pane within the Instrument I/O Assistant. Before you begin using the Instrument I/O Assistant, make sure you choose the appropriate method of instrument control.

To validate communication, use a Query and Parse step and send an identification command to the instrument: *IDN? for most instruments. If the instrument responds, you have established communication with the instrument. If the instrument returns a timeout error, ensure that the instrument is properly connected to the computer, powered on, and properly configured.

Note  You must have the Instrument I/O Assistant installed to use the Instrument I/O Assistant Express VI. You install the Instrument I/O Assistant from the National Instruments Device Drivers DVD.


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