Adding VIs and Controls to the User and Instrument Drivers Subpalettes

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Edition Date: March 2018
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The User Controls and User Libraries palettes contain subpalettes for each directory, LLB, or palette file (.mnu) in labview\user.lib and icons for each file in labview\user.lib.

Save subVIs in the user.lib directory only if they are usable, without modification, across projects. Paths to VIs in user.lib are relative to the labview directory. Paths to subVIs you save elsewhere are relative to the parent VI. Therefore, copying a VI from labview\user.lib to modify it for a special case does not change the path to its subVIs located in labview\user.lib.

Caution  Do not save your own VIs and other files in LLB files installed with LabVIEW. Save your controls and VIs in the user.lib directory to add them to the Controls and Functions palettes.

Complete the following steps to add new VIs and controls to the user palettes.

  1. Save the controls and VIs in the labview\user.lib directory to add them to the User Controls and User Libraries palettes, respectively.
  2. Restart LabVIEW. LabVIEW updates the palettes to contain the controls and VIs in the labview\user.lib directory.

The Instrument Drivers palette corresponds to the labview\instr.lib directory. Save instrument drivers in this directory to add them to the Functions palette.

Note  If you add a subdirectory or LLB to the labview\user.lib or labview\instr.lib directory and the subdirectory or filename begins with an underscore (_), the contents of the subdirectory or file do not appear on the User Libraries or Instrument Drivers palettes.


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