Aligning Objects Using the Alignment Grid

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Complete the following steps to use the alignment grid to align objects as you place them.

  1. If necessary, complete the following steps to display and enable the grid alignment.
    1. Select Tools»Options to display the Options dialog box.
    2. Select Front Panel or Block Diagram from the Category list.
    3. Place checkmarks in the Show front panel grid or Show block diagram grid checkboxes.
    4. Place a checkmark in the corresponding Enable grid alignment checkbox.
    5. Click the OK button to close the Options dialog box and save the changes.
  2. Select an object from the Controls or Functions palette. In the front panel window, as you move objects before you place them, a red outline indicates how the object aligns with the grid. Press the <G> key as you drag, drop, or resize a control to enable or disable the grid alignment.
  3. Add the object to the front panel or block diagram window.

Select Edit»Disable Panel Grid Alignment or Edit»Disable Diagram Grid Alignment to disable the grid alignment and use the visible grid to align objects manually. Select Edit»Enable Panel Grid Alignment or Edit»Enable Diagram Grid Alignment to enable the grid alignment again. You also can press the <Ctrl-#> keys to enable or disable the grid alignment. On French keyboards, press the <Ctrl-"> keys.

(macOS) Press the <Command-*> keys. (Linux) Press the <Alt-#> keys.

You can use the grid options on the Front Panel page or the Block Diagram page of the Options dialog box to set grid options for all new VIs, and you can use the VI Properties dialog box to set the size of the grid for the current VI.

To align objects along axes after you place them, use the Align Objects pull-down menu on the toolbar or select Edit»Align Items.


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