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Block diagram metrics, available in the LabVIEW Professional Development System, appear in the VI Metrics window when you place a checkmark in the Diagram checkbox. The following metrics specify the block diagram of a VI and its structures and wires:

  • structures—Number of For Loops, While Loops, Case structures, Event structures, Flat Sequence structures, Stacked Sequence structures, Conditional Disable structures, and Diagram Disable structures.
  • diagrams—Number of block diagrams. Each VI has a single top-level block diagram. In addition, it has one subdiagram for each loop or structure.
  • max diag depth—Deepest nesting level of block diagrams in a VI. If the VI has no structures, it has a depth of 0.
  • diag width (pixels)—Width of the block diagram in pixels.
  • diag height (pixels)—Height of the block diagram in pixels.
  • wire sources—Measures the total number of sources in the VI. Each wire has a single source but can branch to multiple destinations. If a wire enters or exits a structure, LabVIEW considers the tunnel that the wire passes through to be a new source.


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