Creating Properties and Methods with the Class Browser Window

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can use the Class Browser window to select an object library and create a new property or method.

Complete the following steps to create a new property or method using the Class Browser window.

  1. Select View»Class Browser to display the Class Browser window.
  2. From the Object library pull-down menu, select a library.
Note  (Windows) To select a .NET or ActiveX library, you must select .NET»Select Assemblies or ActiveX»Select Type Libraries to display the Select Assemblies or Select Type Libraries dialog box, respectively. Place a checkmark in the checkbox for the assembly or library you want and click the OK button to return to the Class Browser window.
  1. Select a class from the Class pull-down menu. Use the following buttons to navigate the classes.
    •   Click the Select View button to toggle between an alphabetical view and a hierarchical view of the items in the Class pull-down menu and the Properties and Methods list.
    •   Click the Search button to launch the Class Browser Search dialog box.
  2. From the Properties and Methods list in the Class Browser window, select a property or method. Dottable properties have a blue glyph next to the property name in this list. To create a dotted property, double-click on a dottable property. The property or method you select appears in the Selected property or method box.
Note  LabVIEW classes do not support Invoke Nodes. LabVIEW class methods are member VIs. If you use the Create button or if you drag a method directly to the block diagram, a subVI appears. Methods in LabVIEW classes appear as subVIs rather than Invoke Nodes. You cannot define LabVIEW class properties in this version of LabVIEW.
  1. Click the Create button or the Create Write button to attach a node with the selected property or method to your mouse cursor and add the node to the block diagram. The Create button creates a property for reading or a method. This button dims when you select a write-only property. To create a property for writing, click the Create Write button. The Create Write button dims when you select a method or read-only property. You also can drag a property or method from the Properties and Methods list directly to the block diagram.
  2. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for any other properties and methods you want to create and add to the block diagram.


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