Clearing the Data on Graphs and Charts

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Complete the following steps to clear the data on a graph or chart manually.

  1. Run a VI that is generating data and displaying that data on a graph or chart.
  2. Right-click the graph or chart in a running VI and select Clear Graph or Clear Chart from the shortcut menu, respectively. LabVIEW clears the data on the graph or chart. Select Data Operations»Clear Graph or Data Operations»Clear Chart from the shortcut menu, respectively, in a VI that has completed running.

You also can clear graphs and charts automatically each time you run or call a VI.

You also can use the History Data property to clear a chart programmatically.

Refer to the Clearing Waveform Charts VI in the labview\examples\Controls and Indicators\Graphs and Charts\Waveform Graphs and Charts directory for an example of clearing graphs and charts programmatically.


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