Disabling Sections of Block Diagrams

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You can run a VI with a section of the block diagram disabled, similar to commenting out a section of code in a text-based programming language.

Complete the following steps to run a VI with a section of the block diagram disabled.

  1. Place a Diagram Disable structure around the nodes you want to disable. The default subdiagram is Disabled.
  2. In the Enabled subdiagram, include any code that you want to enable in place of the code in the Disabled subdiagram.
  3. Run the VI. Notice that only the code in the Enabled subdiagram is run.

To execute the section of the block diagram you disabled, select the Disabled subdiagram, right-click the structure border, and select Remove Diagram Disable Structure from the shortcut menu.

Note  When you select Remove Diagram Disable Structure, LabVIEW deletes objects in all subdiagrams except for the visible subdiagram.

Refer to the Diagram Disable Structure VI in the labview\examples\Structures\Disable Structures directory for an example of using the Diagram Disable structure.


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