Customizing a Plot on a Digital Waveform Graph Using the Plot Legend

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You can specify how numbers and plot lines appear on a digital waveform graph by configuring each plot. To configure a digital waveform plot, click the glyph in the plot legend and select one of the following options from the shortcut menu:

Note  You also can configure a plot to customize how each plot appears in the plot area of a graph or chart.
  • Plot Visible—Sets whether to display the plot on the graph or chart.
  • Color—Displays the color picker so you can select the color of the plot.
  • Label Format—Sets the format of the numbers in a bus. You can display numbers in Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal, Binary, or Fixed Point formats, or you can select a format of None, which removes the labels from the line or bus. You also can select Configure Fixed Point to display the Configure Fixed Point dialog box, which allows you to configure Fixed Point label format options.
  • Transition Type—Sets how LabVIEW distinguishes differing values in the plot. This setting affects only plots with more than one bit. You can select a square edge or sloped edge. Use the square edge to show simple state changes. Use the sloped edge to emphasize jitter or settling time between states.
  • Transition Location—Sets whether to display high-to-low transitions at the previous point, in between points, or at the new point on the x-axis. The default displays high to low transitions at the new point on the x-axis.
  • Line Style—Sets whether LabVIEW uses a thin or thick line in the plot to distinguish high or low values or to offset a particular plot line. Select the left-most option to keep the default line thickness.
  • X Scale—Sets the variable to associate with the x-axis.
  • Y Scale—Sets the variable to associate with the y-axis.

You also can use the Plot properties to customize how a plot appears in the plot area programmatically.

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