Creating Array Controls and Indicators

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Create an array front panel control or indicator by placing an array shell and dragging a data object or element, such as a numeric, Boolean, string, path, refnum, or cluster control or indicator, into the shell. The element cannot be another array or a chart. If the element is a graph, its data type cannot be an array, but it can be a cluster that contains arrays.

Complete the following steps to create an array control or indicator.

  1. Add an array shell to the front panel. An array shell includes an index display on the left, an element display on the right, and an optional label.

  2. If the Controls palette is not already visible, right-click the element display or the front panel window to display the Controls palette.
  3. Drag a control or indicator into the array shell. For example, drag a numeric control into the array shell. If you attempt to drag an invalid control or indicator into the array shell, you are unable to add the control or indicator to the array shell. An example of an invalid control or indicator is an XY graph. You can copy or drag an existing array control from the front panel window to the block diagram window.
  4. Resize the array to add elements to the array.
Tip  You can export data from arrays to locations such as Microsoft Excel. Right-click an array and select Export from the shortcut menu to view available export options.


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