Creating Cluster Constants

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Create a cluster constant on the block diagram by combining a cluster with a valid constant, which can be an array, numeric, Boolean, string, path, refnum, or cluster constant.

  1. Add the cluster constant to the block diagram.

  2. Add a constant to the cluster shell. For example, you can add a numeric constant to the cluster shell.

When you add objects to the constant shell, you define the data type of the cluster constant.

You also can copy or drag an existing cluster control from the front panel window to the block diagram window to easily create a constant with the same element data types.

Note Note  To reduce the size of cluster constants on the block diagram, right-click the cluster constant and select View Cluster As Icon from the shortcut menu. To undo this change, select View Cluster As Icon again from the shortcut menu. You also can double-click the frame of the cluster constant to view it as an icon. To undo this change, double-click the cluster constant icon.


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