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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to create a free label:

  1. Use the Labeling tool to click any open space. If automatic tool selection is enabled, double-click any open space.

    You also can select a label on the Controls or Functions palette and add it to the front panel or block diagram, respectively.

    A small box appears with a text cursor at the left margin, ready to accept typed input.
  2. Type the text you want to appear in the label.

    Add hashtags (#) to labels on your block diagram to create bookmarks. Add URLs (protocol://domainname) to front panel or block diagram labels to create hyperlinks to files on the Internet or on a network. To disable hyperlinks in front panel labels, right-click the free label and deselect Enable Hyperlinks in the shortcut menu. You cannot disable hyperlinks in block diagram labels.

    You can press the <Enter> key on the keyboard to add a new line.
  3. Click anywhere outside the label to complete the edit operation. You also can click the Enter Text button that appears on the toolbar when you begin text entry, press the <Enter> key on the numeric keypad, or press the <Ctrl-Enter> keys on the keyboard. (macOS) Press the <Option-Enter> keys. (Linux) Press the <Alt-Enter> keys.

Use free labels to add comments to a VI.

Note  You can complete edit operations with the <Enter> key if you place a checkmark in the End text entry with Enter key checkbox in the Environment page of the Options dialog box.

Creating Attached Comments

On the block diagram, you can attach a free label to a block diagram object. You can attach a comment to only one object, but you can attach multiple comments to a single object.

To create an attached comment, hover over a free label to reveal a glyph in the bottom right corner (). Click and drag the glyph to a block diagram object.

You also can click the glyph and then click the object.

To detach a comment, right-click the comment and select Detach Label From Object from the shortcut menu.

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