Creating Matrix Controls, Indicators, and Constants

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Use matrix front panel controls, indicators, and constants with matrices to group rows or columns of real or complex scalar data for some math operations, such as linear algebra operations.

Complete the following steps to create a matrix control, indicator, or constant.

  1. Add one of the following controls to the front panel window:
    • Real matrix

    • Complex matrix

Note Note  When you create a front panel real matrix control or a complex matrix, LabVIEW configures the data type of the control to match the matrix control you select. You can change the type of the matrix by replacing the matrix control.
  1. (Optional) You can convert the matrix control to a matrix indicator by right-clicking the control and selecting Change to Indicator from the shortcut menu. Matrix controls and indicators operate like array controls and indicators.
Note Note  By default, matrix controls and indicators show more than one element and display scrollbars for both dimensions. Because the element type is configured by the matrix control, you can only change the matrix type by replacing the matrix control.
  1. (Optional) You also can create a matrix constant. Right-click a matrix control or indicator on the block diagram and select Change to Constant from the shortcut menu.


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