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Edition Date: March 2018
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Use owned labels to annotate specific front panel and block diagram objects. LabVIEW includes three kinds of owned labels: name labels, subdiagram labels, and unit labels.

You can resize labels and change the text characteristics of labels.

Labeling Specific Objects

Use name labels to identify specific objects, such as controls, indicators, functions, and wires. To create a name label, right-click the object, select Visible Items»Label from the shortcut menu, and edit the label.

Labeling Structures

Use subdiagram labels to describe the code contained in structures on the block diagram. For structures with multiple subdiagrams, such as Event structures and Flat Sequence structures, LabVIEW displays a label for each subdiagram. To create a subdiagram label, right-click the structure, select Visible Items»Subdiagram Label from the shortcut menu, and edit the label.

Associating Units of Measure with Numeric Controls and Indicators

Use unit labels to associate physical units of measure with numeric controls and indicators.


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