Creating and Operating Boolean Controls and Indicators

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to add a Boolean control or indicator to the front panel.

  1. Add a Boolean control or indicator, such as a push button, to the front panel.

  2. (Optional) Type an item name. Click anywhere in the front panel window or press the <Ctrl-Enter> keys to end the editing session. (macOS) Press the <Option-Enter> keys. (Linux) Press the <Alt-Enter> keys.
  3. Click the Boolean control with the Operating tool to toggle between the TRUE and FALSE states. In edit mode, you can operate both Boolean controls and Boolean indicators. If automatic tool selection is enabled, you might need to move the cursor over the Boolean control or indicator and press the <Ctrl> key to temporarily switch to the Operating tool. (macOS) Press the <Option> key. (Linux) Press the <Alt> key.

Customizing Boolean Objects

You can use the Control Editor window to design your own Boolean style. You also can use the Control Editor window to import pictures for the TRUE, FALSE, and transition states of any Boolean control or indicator.


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