Using Enumerated Type Controls

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Use enumerated type controls to give users a list of items from which to select. An enumerated type control, or enum, is similar to a text or menu ring control in that both contain lists of strings through which you can cycle. However, the data type of an enumerated type control includes information about the numeric values and the string labels in the control. The data type of a ring control is numeric.

Note  You cannot allow the user to enter undefined values in enumerated type controls, and you cannot assign specific numeric values to items in enumerated type controls. If you need this functionality, use a ring control.

You can use an enumerated type control to select the cases of a Case structure.

The numeric representation of the enumerated type control is 8-, 16-, or 32-bit unsigned integer. Right-click the enumerated type control and select Representation from the shortcut menu to change the representation of the control.


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