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Edition Date: March 2018
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Use execution highlighting to view an animation of the execution of the block diagram. Execution highlighting shows the movement of data on the block diagram from one node to another using bubbles that move along the wires. Use execution highlighting in conjunction with single-stepping to see how data moves from node to node through a VI.

(MathScript RT Module) In MathScript Nodes, execution highlighting shows the progression from one line of script to another using a blue arrow that blinks next to the line that is executing currently.

Note  Execution highlighting greatly reduces the speed at which the VI runs.

Complete the following steps to use execution highlighting.

  1. Open the block diagram of any VI.
  2. Click the Highlight Execution button on the block diagram toolbar to enable execution highlighting.
  3. Run the VI and view the block diagram as the VI runs.

    Notice that with execution highlighting, bubbles move along the wires to mark the movement of data from one node to another and the values at each terminal are displayed.
  4. Stop the VI.
  5. Click the Highlight Execution button again at any time to disable execution highlighting.


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